Custome Drapery, What to Know Continued

There are several different “header” styles. Pleats formed at the top of the drape will give your drapery different looks, from traditional to modern. You can also select grommets and have the finish match your drapery hardware. Here are some..

I typically design drapery with 2 times the fullness, giving the drapers soft body. With Sheers we increase this to 3 times the fullness as the fabric is much thinner and not lined.

Why should you line your drapery? There are several reasons why you line your drapes as it will protect the face fabric from the harmful UV rays from the sun, which can deteriorate fabric, provides softness, sound protection and creates a luxurious look. And most importantly it will follow the key rule to window coverings, white to the road. This means that the lining which faces the road is white and keeps all of your windows looking consistent even if the colour inside is different on each window.

There are a few main types of lining that we use, which are light filtering, blackout and interlining.

Light filtering lining is used on most manmade fabrics like polyester or blends as they are more durable than natural fabrics like silk. Light filtering lining will still allow natural light to filter through the lining and fabric, approx. 75%.

If you are needing more light control in a bedroom for instance, we would use a blackout lining, which will block approx. 95% of the light. Keep in mind, not all linings are equal and quality is key. You may have purchased drapes from a store that say blackout or room darkening but they still allow light through. This is due to the type of lining used.

Interlining is used on silk drapery. Silk drapes receive two liners, with the interlining against the silk and then a blackout liner behind the interlining. The interlining is soft and provides extra fullness that silk does not have, while also protecting the delicate fabric from rubbing against the blackout lining which provides the ultimate sun protection.

Stay tuned as I bring you more information on Custom Drapery!

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