Selecting the Right Drapery Hardware

Selecting the Drapery Hardware is our next task. Ask yourself, do you want the drapes to be the focal point or the drapery hardware? There are some very beautiful and ornate finials to select from if you want some extra wow factor. Glass and crystal finials can add some sparkle to the room as well. I tend to go clean and simple when it comes to Drapery Hardware and Finials.

I try to coordinate the finish with others in the room. I there the dining room chandelier is in a matte black finish, I like to continue this finish on the hardware.

That being said, don’t be afraid to mix and match metal finishes, but keep some kind of continuity. Meaning repeat the different finishes elsewhere in your space.

If the light fixture or other décor elements in the space have crystals or a lot going on, I like to use an end cap instead of a fancy final on the ends of the rod. The end caps simply finish off the rod and let the drapery get all the attention.

We always need to consider scale and proportion when selecting our rod and finials. Drapery rods come in a variety of diameter sizes. I usually go with 1 1/8” diameter, but if I have high ceilings and large format windows and trim, I may go larger.

The same goes for the finials and you always want to be sure there is enough room for them. For instance, if your window is close to a corner in the wall, there may not be enough room to install a 2” or 3” finial as it may cause the drape to not cover the full area.

There are alternatives to having a drapery rod to hang your drapes. You can use channel rods that have track inside them. These track systems give you a more streamline appearance.

Yes, there is a lot to consider when selecting your drapery hardware, so we will leave drapery Rings and Brackets for another day!

Stay tuned for my next blog to finish up Custom Drapery, What You Need to Know

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