Let's wrap up all we have learned about Custom Drapery!

I there, I am back to discuss the last few items you will need to consider when designing custom drapery.

You will need durable hardware brackets to carry the weight of the drapes. It is best to select a rod that does not telescope as the drapery rings or grommets can get caught as you pull the drapes across the rod.

We use hollow solid length rods which can be joined together with an internal connector when we need to cover large areas. The key with this is to remember to include a support bracket anywhere there is a join in the rod as this can be a weak point.

There are several types of brackets. You will need to decide if you are mounting the brackets in the ceiling or wall to determine which you will need. The majority of the time we use wall brackets. Keep in mind that ceiling mount brackets will create a gap between the bracket and the ceiling. Double brackets are used when you want to pair sheers with drapery panels.

If you have selected a pleated header, you will also need to select drapery rings. The rings attach the drapes to the rod and allow you to operate the panels from side to side.

Always look for rings with a plastic insert as this helps to reduce noise and damage to the metal drapery rod.

To assist with operating the drapes you may want a fling rod which attaches to one of the drapery rings. This eliminates you needing to touch the fabric, causing some fabrics to become stained.

A quick review of what you need to consider when designing custom drapery:

-Stationary or operable panels

-Length of panels – ½” off floor

-Header (pleats)

-Lining – room darkening, interlining?

-Drapery hardware, colour and style

All of the little details in custom drapery take some time and consideration. With costs starting from $1500 and up you want to do you homework, so you don’t have any expensive mistakes. Or better, work with a professional like myself who can walk you through the process with confidence.

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