What Can I Expect To Pay For Blinds?

As an interior decorator I find that a lot of people leave their window coverings til last. Almost an after thought! They invest ten of thousands of dollars and hours of their time searching for the perfect flooring, furniture or cabinets and then do nothing to accent their windows.
Blinds arenít just for aesthetic purposes. They provide privacy and light control, absorb sound from busy streets, conserve energy by reducing heat loss and heat gain through the glass and they also offer UV protection which protects your homes interior finishes from sun damage and fading.

With all of these great benefits, why do people choose not to invest in window treatments? Does it come down to cost?

Yes, quality window treatments will be an investment. I see people budgeting for their new furniture and renovations, but they donít budget for blinds. And by not budgeting for blinds a lot of people then find themselves with limited funds to purchase the blinds they need and want.
Hunter Douglas has a wide range of styles in many different price points to suit all budgets. So I thought I would do some calculations to see what the average window (48″x48″) would cost for a Hunter Douglas blind.
I took into consideration all of the different styles and operating systems and calculated an average cost for a mid range price listing. $864 is the average cost for one window. This may seem expensive, so let me put it into perspective for you.
Hunter Douglas has over 20 different categories of window treatments with several different operating systems, from manual to power.
For the average size window of 48″x48″ you can choose a blind starting as low as $20.

This is where we can help you decide what type of window treatment will best fit your needs, wants and budget. Our spacious showroom allows you to see the different styles, in full size and try the operating systems, and will help you get started with your selections.
With our expertise in window treatments, there is no need to fear. We will work with you and your budget to select beautiful window coverings for your home.
You can get a head start by visiting www.hunterdouglas.ca
I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.

Happy Decorating
Leigh Folkeard

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